Why eStudent
See why universities love using eStudent...

  • eStudent is simply the best choice for student records management

  • Student Self Service allows students to securely access eStudent for registration,
    exam numbers, exam results, transcripts and lecturer assessment

  • eStudent seamlessly integrates with popular Accounting Systems,
    like Sage ERP to check fees balance for students allowing student registration,
    exam number access and exam results
Lecturer Access
- Allocates courses to lecturer
- Allows lecturer to upload/enter grades
for his/her courses only
- Allows standardisation of grades
- Generates senate grade reports
Flexible Installation
- Install on desktop or on server on your LAN
- Access levels for different users
- Concurrent access from multiple devices
- Works on Windows, Linux, or Mac

Support Service
- Built-in comprehensive Help feature
- Online or telephone support
- Onsite support

Student Self Service
- Online registration depending on fees paid
- Access exam results depending on fees paid
- Professional school reports and transcripts

Power Features
- Allows lecturer to upload exam results in MS Excel
- Automatic grading of exam results
- SMS and Email alerts for students
- Student/Lecturer assessment at end of semester
- Links to accounting systems for fees updates
Smart Reports
- Students in specific year, semester and program
- Students on reserve, withdrawn or graduated
- Student registration progress
- Customised reports as needed by users

Powerful user interface design for easy navigation and operation
  • eStudent: Beautiful design and easy to use user interface
  • Register Student: Register for Year/Semester, automatically allocate courses, allow student to change Study Program.
    Also from this screen: Reserve, Repeat, Withdraw and graduate student
  • Exam Numbers: Generate exam numbers for each program, year and semester, or generate exam numbers
    for all students at once. Allow students to access their exam numbers online
    Exam No
  • Grades: Allow lecturers to save course grades in MS Excel, and then upload the grades into the system.
    The grades can be previewed before signing off, or standardised using the systems built-in standadising functions
  • Student Profile: Allow student to enter their personal details, including Contact details,
    Sponsor details and Next of Kin details
  • Reports: Select criteria to produce various student reports