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Why ePay
Why businesses love ePay. Dont be left out...

  • ePay makes payroll processing and HR functions as easy as 1, 2 , 3

  • Employee Self Service allows employees to securely access ePay for leave application,
    payslips, performance appraisals, loan applications and many more...

  • ePay seamlessly integrates with popular Accounting Systems, like Sage ERP so that you dont have to
    manually transfer payroll data to your accounting system
Quick & Accurate
- Accurate payroll calculations
- Quick bank files for salary payment
- User friendly interface
- Professional payslips
Flexible Installation
- Install on desktop or on server on your LAN
- Access levels for different users
- Concurrent access from multiple devices
- Works on Windows, Linux, or Mac
Support Service
- Built-in comprehensive Help feature
- Online or telephone support
- Onsite support

Employee Self Service
- Current and previous months payslip
- Leave planner and leave management
- Performance appraisals
- Loan application and tracking
Power Features
- Integrates with popular Accounting Systems
- Generate letters (promotion, salary increment)
and open/save in MS Word
- Generate reports and open/save in MS Excel
- Employee SMS and Email alerts
Smart Reports
- Payroll variance
- Pension and PAYE reports
- Payroll process progress
- Prefilled Malawi Revenue Authority P Forms
New look... Improved features
  • ePay: Beautiful design and easy to use user interface
    Pay Info
  • Employee Job: Set Job details, payment information and
    allow to change employee position
    Pay Info
  • Employee Leave: Allows employee to set leave planner, apply for leave, see/set leave days an employee is
    entitled for the period, produce leave reports and view leave statistics
    Leave Info
  • Employee Earnings & Deductions: Define earnings and deductions for employee to get net pay
  • Employee Loan: Allow employees to get staff loans and track payment history and balance
  • Payroll Slip: Professional designed payslip showing employee earnings, deductions,
    net salary, loan tracking and leave history
  • Employee Transactions: Track items issued to employees, employee records of pension,
    medical scheme, discplinary hearings, affiliations and more...